Build Brand Awareness

Eye-catching videos and
animations draw attention
to what’s important to your brand.

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A Fresh, New Design

Boring is no fun.
Create unique interactive content
for your audience.

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A Different Approach

Anim8d approaches design
from a different angle, making
your content memorable.

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Our Solutions

Create Animated Videos for your business or organisation, that engage your audience, increase brand awareness, improve skills or for a product launch.

Character Animation

Turn you, your team or your product into fun cartoon characters

anim8d logo with youtube style play button

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Explainer Video

Deliver powerful messages through memorable videos

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Interactive Video

Bring your message alive, engage and involve your audience in your content

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Designing engaging eLearning resources

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Content that stands you out from the crowd

Health & Safety

Better skills transfer.

Brand Marketing

Bring your products and services alive.


Fun and memorable resources.


Interactive materials to increase retention.

Internal Communications

Your messages heard loud and clear.


Viral content to enhance sales and presence.

Software Explainers

Update your end users.

Product Explainers

Showcase your product's USP.


Perfect for your brand events.

Innovative. Creative. Unique design

Impactful Explainer Videos
Memorable training videos.
Bring alive brand campaigns.
Create intriguing learning content.