Modern Slavery
Here's the part we play in our aim to abolish modern slavery

This statement is made on behalf of the Evalu8d Limited, pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the 'Act'), and constitutes our group's slavery and human trafficking statement.

Our business and structure

We train, coach and design content for marketing, training and education purposes.

We are the parent company of trading styles 'Resourcily', 'Anim8d' Evalu8d', based in the UK.

Purpose and voice

As an organisation whose purpose is help individuals and organisation in the relationships they have, to educate, to learn and train, to have better work and working lives, we wholeheartedly endorse the legislation as a crucially important development in tackling slavery and human trafficking and we will not trade or partner with any business or organisation which is involved in this despicable practice however remotely or indirectly.

We will endeavour to educate our partners, clients, customers, end users and delegates, and promote the fair treatment of people.

Our supply chains

Our supply chains include publishing and printing services, IT services, conference and venue suppliers, training providers and consultants, and marketing and PR services. We have reviewed the risks that these supply chains can present and whilst we consider our exposure to modern slavery to be limited, we expect our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate a zero tolerance approach to exploitation.

To this end, all new contracts and those renewing, now include a clause requiring that our suppliers, and their subcontractors, comply with the Act, and include evalu8d’s right to terminate in the instance of any breach of this obligation.

Taking action

As part of our procurement process, we will only engage with suppliers and contractors who confirm their compliance with the Act.

Our people

We have promoted to all our employees that Modern Slavery is a global problem that affects us all. We have shared examples of how individuals can unwittingly be part of the cycle. We have highlighted that everyone has a vital role to play in tackling the issue. We encourage all members of our team to report any concerns confidentially.

Phil LaViolette

MD - Evalu8d Limited